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                                 SYMMETRY'S...SIMPLY FIT ULTRA PROGRAM
               Quite simply the most harmonious system to improve health, vitality and significant weight loss

With the SIMPLY FIT ULTRA SYSTEM, I lost 55 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 6 without going to meetings, counting points or carbs, purchasing pre-packaged foods, or attending expensive clinics.  The Simply Fit Ultra system is fundamentally different in its approach to help you lose weight and keep it off by improving your overall health.  The Simply Fit Ultra program is designed to maximize your health, be more energized in mind and body which helps you to effectively burn unwanted fat.

It is based on some very straight forward principles and techniques to trigger your body into a true fat burning mode, while promoting a higher level of energy and a sense of well being.  You feel better and look better, faster than you ever thought possible.

IT'S SIMPLE!  When you eat a large amount of carbs - a hundred grams, two hundred grams, or more (most Westerners get about 300 grams a day) - your body releases insulin in hugh amounts, making it almost impossible to burn fat, and real easy to gain weight.  This is why people lose weight so easily and quickly when they cut carbs.  And why the SIMPLY FIT ULTRA system is specifically designed to take advantage of this scientific fact.   

Here is how it works...our Simply Fit ULTRA program is a truly unique foundation for health, vitality and a long life.  With powerful multi-nutrients, essential antioxidants, fatty acids and immune enhancing herbal blends, the Simply Fit Ultra system was created to work together synergistically to improve your nutrition, provide all day energy and keep your body functioning at its optimum.  These core products changed my life and my health improved dramatically...I had real energy for the first time in years.  I lost all that weight and have kept it off since 2009 because my body is functioning at its optimum.  It takes just 7 days to begin a whole new life with the SIMPLY FIT ULTRA system. 

For your info... not only do we guarantee our nutrition, we guarantee the safety of our products in purity and quality.  Many people don't realize that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn't concern themselves with supplements.  But, Symmetry makes sure that all our products are manufactured in a FDA Approved lab and we voluntarily make our products according to FDA drug standards as well, which is really unusual in the supplement industry.  That's why you often see markings on our product packages like GMP,GRAS, and BETTER THAN ORGANIC.


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    Genesis is a delicious mélange of red grape and pomegranate in a mixture of apple and Aloe Vera juice infused with a proprietary blend of super foods, healing herbs, powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, and much more. Genesis is more than a juice; it helps you feel young and healthy by slowing down the body's natural aging process and boosting your energy.

    Genesis contains the exclusive triple-patented X'tranol-24 that will impede the production of free radicals in the body for a full 24 hours. A single serving also provides the complete array of healthful nutrients in red wine (including resveratrol) that aid in lowering the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease and prolonging life.

    Ultra VitalityTM NutraPack

    Vitamins and minerals are vital for the body to survive; because these substances cannot be produced by the body, they must be ingested through food and supplements. With inaqeduate intakes of essential vitamins and minerals, it is believed that most people do not meet the recommended daily requirements. Symmetry's Ultra Vitality NutraPack is a powerful, comprehensive multivitamin that is loaded with a wide array of the most important vitamins and minerals for proper nourishment and protection the body needs to survive. It is developed for adults of all ages, supported by over 500 clinical studies and state of the art techniques to insure the best, and most scientifically advanced supplement on the market.

    Ultra Vitality NutraPack is followed by and continues to follow years of research and development along with the latest nutritional and dietary ingredients. It is clinically supported by extensive laboratory testing to ensure the highest quality, potency, freshness, efficacy and stability. Just 4 caplets daily furnishes your body with a full spectrum of over 75 high-powered ingredients for maximum benefit and absorption.

    Also available in  powder form.

    Cardio 5000

    CARDIO 5000 is a synergistic blend of therapeutic ingredients specifically formulated to increase your body's own "Miracle Molecule": Nitric Oxide.


    • Cardiovascular
    • Immune
    • Energy
    • Healthy Sleep
    • Anti-Aging
    • Erectile Function/Reproduction
    • Brain Function
    • Powerful Antioxidant
    • Hormonal Balance
    • Inflammatory Conditions
    • Muscular Development
    • And many more...

    Symply Magic

     Eat Less + Feeling More Energetic = Weight Loss!

    With Symply Magic you will feel more energized throughout your day’s routine and eat less because it helps reduce and control your appetite giving you the power to make wise food choices and not give into cravings. The combination of increased energy and activity as well as reduced caloric intake helps those weight loss goals become a reality and more attainable!

    Reach your weight loss GOALS!

    When combined with plenty of rest, exercise and eating properly, Symply Magic can help you achieve your weight loss goals in no time. Imagine having control over food and not allowing it to control you plus having enough energy that you actually want to exercise. For most, one capsule a day is all it takes to realize the benefits of Symply Magic. Take it in the mid-morning and the mid-afternoon to help maintain sustained energy levels through-out the day and quell hunger while boosting your metabolism. Unlike other dietary supplements, Symply Magic also provides a metabolizing blend of digestive enzymes that will help improve your digestive system.

    Accomplish MORE in your Day while you LOSE weight

    Lack of energy is a major complaint of many people! However, many are over-run with stress, feel listless, tired and agree there is never enough time each day to complete what needs to be done let alone find the time to diet or the energy to exercise. Those concerns are long gone with Symply Magic, the all-natural dietary supplement solution to add vitality to your day while you lose weight.

    VS. Shake

    Completely Delicious. Nutritionally Balanced.

    VS. meal alternative shakes help you stay full and maintain lean muscle. VS. offers a balance of healthy fats, essential proteins and low-glycemic carbohydrates, along with digestive enzymes and fiber.

    SymPro Essential Protein Blend

    VS. features the SymPro Essential Protein Blend. This blend is packed with high-quality proteins, including undenatured whey protein concentrate, which support lean muscle, boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full.

    Why Whey?

    Whey is a high-quality complete protein source that provides a high concentration of amino acids, which help prevent fatigue and repair lean muscle after exercise. Scientific studies have also shown that whey protein helps promote strong immune systems and support healthy glutathione levels, an important antioxidant.

    Highest-Quality Ingredients and includes 6g of fiber, no hydrogenated oils, no high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sweetners

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